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I'm open for commissions!

These are the steps you have to follow to order one of my amigurumi dolls:

1. Fill in the following form and send it to me in a note or by email to

Your name:
Shipping method: Regular/Registered Airmail
Payment method: Western Union Money Transfer/International Money Order/Snail Mail/Check
(I may accept Paypal, contact me and ask me about it if you can't use any other payment method)
Name/description of the character:
Reference pic: (if available)

2. I'll get back to you telling you if I can make it or not and how much it'd cost.

3. You send me the payment up front.

4. I make the doll and mail it to you.

This is a list of the type of dolls I can make and an approximate price:

- Ice-creams/donuts keyrings 5usd…

- Flan/cupcakes/teddies 6-10usd………

- Edward Scissorhands/elephant/cat 10-20usd………

Shipping for 1 doll is 3-4usd approx. depending on your location.

I think that's all, if you have any question, send me a note or comment on this entry :)

Thank you!
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Awww it's been such a long time!!! I've been though so many things in these
last 5 months and I really hadn't time for DA, posting things or even writing or faving >.<
Now it's 2011 and EVERYTHING changed...
Wish me good luck, artists >w<
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  • Reading: 1984
  • Watching: Supernatural
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Spring is springing! The sun is beaming and the leaves are beginning to burst from the sleepy gray trees! Birds are chirping their merry little songs.  It's like the earth is waking up and yawning, getting all bright eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to inspire us with God's glory! Here in my country is arived the spring!! I'm very happy for that, cause give me inspiration for my gumies. Oh and is a students day too!!! Happy day for every the students of DA!!
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Feliz día del amigo!!! Happy Day's Friend!!!

Estoy muy contenta porque he llegado a las 1000 visitas. Y encima hoy que es el día del amigo. Gracias a todos y todas por sus comentarios y visitas y favoritos, les agradezco de verdad. Perdón que escriba en español pero en ingles no soy muy buena, así que intentaré traducirlo, perdón por el desastre gramatical que haré.... Muchos saludos y gracias!!

Im very happy cause I have 1000 visit of my page, and today is a day's friend in my country. Thanyou very much to every comment and visit and fav. Thankyou Im really happy for that. Im sorry for my bad english!!! I hope you undestund!!! thankyou and kisses!!
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Hello every body! Im new in this page. my name is Tarja I have 23 years old and I speak spanish and italian, but I can't speak english very well, I'm sorry!!

I do amigurumis its a japanese art, there are craft did it whit yarn, crochet. If you like it please tell me! cause its great for every know it!!